-Mark Twain


Do not start talking to your contacts or using social media to promote your business until you have been properly trained.

Here's your 5 steps for

getting off to a great start:

1. Get Your


Set Up

  • Enroll as an IBO on your sponsors website. Document your A# and password.
  • Make sure your Direct Deposit is set up (This is the only way ACN pays.)
  • Personalize your website by adding a photo.

The last two can be done by logging into the back office on www.acn.com. Up in the top right, click on login and then IBO login. Enter your A# and password. Direct Deposit can be found under preferences.

To personalize your website, just click on the

Personal Website icon on the homepage of your back office shown below.

2. Get Your 5


  • Get all the services that make sense for you and your household. Most IBOs can get their 5 services from their own household. Look at this from a business perspective. You want to be able to share the services from personal experience and in THIS CHART, you can see that the savings from some services can offset the costs of others.
  • Reach out to those who love you the most or owe you the most! Also, consider those you do business with. Here's some Customer Gathering Scripts you can download.
  • You become CQ (Customer Qualified) by getting 3 Services worth 7 points in your first 30 days.
  • Get 2 more for a total of 5 Services worth a total of 10 points in your first 30 days and you earn a $200 bonus.
  • Also, see Services Tab for training on services and scripts for talking to potential customers.

Watch this video for some great customer gathering tips:

(This video is from 2021 and has some outdated information, but it is still a great training.)

3. Build and

Qualify Your


  • "If you're not working from a list, you're not working." Your contact list is your working capital for your network marketing business.
  • Download the Contact List HERE
  • You want to build your contact list long and strong. Ultimately, you want 100+ names on your list.
  • Don't edit your list. If someone comes to your mind, put them on the list.
  • Use the memory jogger HERE to help you build your list and remember your list is a Living Document. (You should always be adding to it.)
  • Credibility and influence
  • Success-minded and positive
  • Entrepreneurial, likes to make money
  • Has $299 for entry fee

4. Identify and

Invite Your

5-10 Aces

  • Start with your Aces.
  • Get your 5 IBOs.
  • Duplicate 5 and 5 with your whole team! Watch the video below to understand the simplicity of 5 and 5 and what it can do for you from a compensation and momentum perspective.

5. Understanding

the Comp Plan

and Staying


Long Term

Co-Founder, Tony Cupisz

  • Once you understand the compensation plan, you know how important it is to promote to the next leadership position and "continue moving to the right. The further you go to the right on the leadership chart, the more you make."
  • Don't get frustrated by the process or discouraged by the NO's. Winners overcome ALL the inevitable obstacles on the path to success. YOU can do this.
  • Listen to one of the best network marketing speakers EVER, Mr. Jim Rohn. His CD, Building Your Network Marketing Business is one of the best audios ever created in the industry. Listen HERE.

Great job! It's a business of duplication. Now just continue sharing this simple plan and build a team of people who commit to do the

5 and 5 plan.